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Apple Uses Integrated Thermal Sensors To Create Better OLED Displays?

During the Goldman Sachs Conference in February this year, Tim Cook called the OLED displays awful and he went on to say further that customers must think twice before relying on the colors of OLED display. Mr. Cook said that the Retina display is about two times as bright as the OLED displays.


How does Apple plan to improve the OLED display? 

Regardless of this statement in Feb, there have been several news that said Apple has been covering a number of patents in order to improve the OLED technology. They went forward to hire the former senior researcher at LG Display to improve the display.

As per the most recent news, Apple has been working hard to include the thermal sensors into the OLED displays to regulate the color. The biggest benefit of using OLED technology is that Apple may use this for future wearable devices such as an iWatch or a computer band.

Apple invents OLED display based on the integrated thermal sensors?

The invention made by Apple mainly relates to the electronic displays, and more specifically this is to create the displays using integrated thermal sensors. Apple also claims that aging may take place in an unexpected way as a result of the differential use of the display, and the components are also used by the end users. 

The key factor that can control and improve the OLED displays are temperature history, usage history, and operating temperature. Adjusting these factors as per the required preference will result in maintaining the desired picture quality. 

These thermal sensors in the OLED display may be integrated in order to determine the accurate temperature and then find out the temperature history, and the complete thermal summary of individual OLEDs, or the specific zones of OLEDs, hence the control signals to the OLEDs or the specific zones have to be regulated in order to compensate the temperature. 

( Updated: 2014-09-06 )
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