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Product Description
128X32 OLED display module
128X32 OLED display module
Item No.:  2832HSWEG02
Diagonal Screen Size  0.91"
Color  Mono
Module Construction  COG
Product  2832HSWEG02
Driving Method  Passive Matrix
Number of Pixels 128×32
Active Area(mm) 22.384×5.584
Panel Size(mm) 30.0×11.50×1.45
Pixel pitch(mm) 0.175×0.175
Pixel Size(mm) 0.159×0.159
Weight 1.05
Duty  1/32
Pins 14    
Color Monochrome                    (White)
Porwer Supply Voltage 2.6~3.5V
Frame Rate 150 Frames/Sec
Operating Temperature -30~70℃
Storage Temperature -40~80℃
Drive IC SSD1306
Brightness 120 (Min) cd/m2150(Typ) cd/m2
Power Consumption 
Driving Voltage 7.5V
Interface I2C
Folding Ability Folding Type
Assembly Soldering
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