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LCD characteristics

1.Operating temperature and storage temperature:
Operating temperature 0℃~50℃,storage temperature -20℃~70℃。
Wide rangeLCDoperating temperature -30℃~80℃,storage temperature -40℃~100℃.

2. Contrast:TN LCD:DUTY 1~1/8,Cr > 5.
DUTY 1/8~1/16 (1/8 included),Cr >3.
STN LCD:Cr > 3 for blue and gray type
Cr〉5 for yellow, green, yellow and green type

3. Response time:
TN LCD:Rising time < 250ms;
Falling time < 300ms.
STN LCD:Rising time<400ms; 
Falling time < 400ms.

4. Viewing angle:TN LCD:DUTY 1~1/8〉 30°;
DUTY 1/8~1/16,> 25°.
STN LCD:DUTY > 1/64,> 50°;
DUTY < =1/64,> 30°.

5. Threshold Voltage:Minimum 0.7V for TN type under normal atmospheric temperature, minimum 0.8V for STN type. Threshold voltage may rise if LCD has a wide range temperature.


Display mode: TFT, C-STN, BlackMask, FSTN,STN, HTN,TN 
the thickness of the glass :0.4, 0.50(TFT),0.55,0.7,1.1 MM
The Max size :14
x16(355X406 MM) 
The Max duty1/240 Duty 
The Min Pitch10uM 
The highest and lowest operate temp-40~100 
Special technology
varicolored silkscreen , corner cut , milled corner etc. 
The production capacity 4000 pairs mother glass/day


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