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Samsung LCD display business losses

Before long, Samsung chairman Li Jianxi at the Seoul Office of company executives said:" Samsung is in a difficult period, semiconductor, LCD ( LCD ), mobile phone, TV will face different challenges." In addition, the United States credit rating, the uncertainty of the world economy in the future Samsung development impact. Prior to this, Li Jianxi declared," I think now most of Samsung's representation of the business and products will disappear in 10 years, we have no time to hesitate".

Compared with business encounter all sorts of trouble, the Samsung high anxiety is the company's core product bleak prospects and predictable" short life cycle".

Since 2004, although for television, computer and mobile phone LCD panel display sales grew 10 times, but its price has fallen by 3 / 4 more. DisplaySearch Greater China area vice president Xie Qinyi that," the LCD industry is losing capital technology intensive and high profit characteristics, the future may sell ' Chinese cabbage price '." Now, LCD panel business already from the lucrative industry, evolved into a subsistence industry.

At present, OLED in small size display market has cut a striking figure, in 2015 the output value is expected to exceed $5000000000. There are industry estimates, in the next 10 to 20 years, OLED will be one by one to various terminal acceptable cost, and finally" break" the LCD display screen industry. At the same time, in order to Japan as the representative of the numerous enterprise is early layout of next generation display technology -- OLED, this reality and LCD LCD screen, thinner, more gorgeous colors, high resolution, perspective is more wide, less power consumption, will not appear LCD tailing and dynamic picture jitter phenomenon.

While no one can say LCD panel, DRAM memory, ordinary TV and mobile phone " disappearance" of time, but the trend is very obvious, the current memory, display, Samsung mobile phone and television products leader, is facing a new technology and business model of alternating times, for a good hardware manufacturing the traditional big companies," this is a new opportunity, or doom", we are not a good judge, but it sure is Samsung" has no time to hesitate", it must make the transition.

However, we still do not see the Samsung strong" softening" transition strategy. Samsung to build a can control terminal, and through service to improve the profitability of the business industry system? It how to find suitable core software resources, enhance their soft power? The imminent task now was placed in the" throw the helve after the hatchet was due to the large investment" strategy and win, LCD panel, memory TV and mobile phone world first chairman Li Jianxi. This is known as South Korea" economic president" mystery man would be able to lead the" mobile Internet era of the Samsung Empire" walk out of a successful" softening " road, save is located at the crossroads of Samsung, we must rub one's eyes and wait.

Samsung 's claims to have 8 big business, but semiconductor, LCD ( LCD ), mobile phone and television is the company's" four carriages". Among them, while the people are familiar with the Samsung mobile phone and TV, but semiconductor and LCD panel is the main source of revenue and profit of samsung. In 2010, Samsung 's revenue for example, semiconductor and LCD panel combined revenue accounted for 44% of total revenue, the consolidated profit is accounted for 70% of total profits of samsung.

But since this year," trouble". The first is the LCD liquid crystal display business for two consecutive season serious losses, losses totaled more than $ 4, but look from current condition, losses will likely throughout the year.

Rigid demand disruption brought the price of rapid drop, 40 inches to 42 inches LCD TV panel shipping prices than the same period last year dropped 1 / 3, and the Samsung LCD department own conversion of new production process leads to the occurrence of low production efficiency and other manufacturers of Samsung's siege to condition one disaster after another. The loss was mainly due to force majeure -- LCD display the biggest market demand for flat panel TV rigid demand. "The first half of the global LCD TV only shipped 90000000 units." Market research firm DisplaySearch said analysts. At the same time, the LCD panel and other major markets -- LCD, notebook computer demand growth is slow, this makes" LCD panel Market pile up in excess of requirement is almost a foregone conclusion".

Therefore, Samsung chairman Li Jianxi break the normal procedure, in the middle of the year, announced the restructuring and Huanshuai, LCD department and the semiconductor division merged to form a new equipment solutions, former LCD President Zhang Weng ( ChangWonkie ) outgoing, the semiconductor division president Quan Wuxuan as the new person in charge of the department. Samsung spokesman said," the goal is to make the LCD panel business as quickly as possible recovery".

Take the first half of this year, Samsung profit the biggest source of" another cart." -- the semiconductor business department also already suffer profit considerably trouble, released on July, Samsung second quarter profit dropped 40%, the Department of.

Some observers think that, according to the present market delivery, Samsung this year can reach 40000000 Taiwan is quite good. In the television at the end of last year, Samsung has in the global first throne has 5 years of history of the television business confidence set high growth in 2011 -- sales growth of 15%, reached 45000000 units, but get the opposite of what one wants, the first quarter of this year with growth fell 31% reality.

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( Updated: 2012-5-20 )
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