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OLED technology hot China LCD display technology

At the end of 2010, Samsung Electronics, Samsung mobile display company ( SMD ) will be AMOLED into intelligent mobile phone, and in the Samsung and HTC mobile phone on the sequential use of. The second quarter of this year, SMD5.5 OLED production line production, is building the OLED8.5 generation production line will be put into operation the fastest.

It is understood, LGD large investment in OLED8.5 production line was moved to 2012 put into production, the amount of postpartum monthly production capacity of up to 60000 pieces. Whether in technical or market, Samsung's" brother" in the OLED LGD never show weakness, the layout is even more so.
Samsung TV marketing minister Li Mingxu revealed to reporters, Samsung or in the second half of 2012 to the 2013 launch of the OLED television products. However, in his view, OLED TV to the real popularity, still need some time.
Sony has not exit the OLED display technology research and development, Hitachi, Toshiba, and jointly set up a joint venture company, is committed to LTPS and AMOLED two high order panel technology research and development, want to with Sony AMOLED panel area of the accumulation of technology and patent, dosomethinpreviouslyunreleased. With the increasingly strong Korean enterprises, Japanese electronics companies in recent years declining. Sony official sales in 2007 OLED television, but was quietly stopped last year.
Because of the AMOLED 's prospects, rainbow, visionox, halo and other companies on the OLED industry to actively planning, and in June of this year by 19 backbones company was formally established in China OLED industry alliance, China has gradually become the most fiery place OLED investment.
Beijing visiono Technology Limited Senior Consultant of Huambo spring in an interview said:" visionox program in 2012 to invest in the construction of a 3 inch to 20 inches of display screen for AMOLED production lines, 5 years will build a production of more than 30 inches of TV product AMOLED production line." Recently, the first 7.6 inch AMOLED full-color display developed, this is current domestic dimensions the biggest AMOLED display.
OLED mainly in color, power consumption, perspective, response speed and other aspects of the leading LCD display, but the difference is not big. OLED TV to replace the LCD display, must cost decreased rapidly, and achieve the LCD display considerable level can be popular." Konka Group Global Multimedia Research and Development Center Manager for Hyperion says when accepting a reporter to interview. " OLED showed great potential, may be the future development trend of color TV, but the current OLED technology is not in the TV to replace the LCD LCD inevitable reason.
In recent years, although our country OLED technology is broken through somewhat, but still concentrated in the small size of the R & D, for the Chinese mainland, with the BOE, photoelectric 8.5 generation production line and electric pandas 10 generation line construction agenda, continental high generation LCD liquid crystal panel has more advantages.
Fudan University Laboratory of advanced materials of flat panel display engineering research center director Gu Zhihua said, liquid crystal display technology still has very large development space, within 5 years, the liquid crystal display technology will have a major breakthrough, for example 40 inch TV power consumption can be reduced to below 100 kwh. In 10 years no better than the liquid crystal display technology. Therefore, at present our country should do above all TFT industry, in the LCD display field of discourse right.
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( Updated: 2012-6-1 )
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