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Samsung Galaxy S5 2014 Dream Smartphone: Flexible Body, Android 4.4 KitKat, Zero Bezel & Illuminating Strip

Samsung Galaxy S5 won't be available till 2014 but it will carry the future of the Galaxy S line next year. New design concept leaked out which features are possible that manufacturers should adopt for 2014. Galaxy S5 is desired to have flexible screen, super thin body and built from metallic materials.

The design concept came from MobiLeaks which displayed the ultimate possible features of Galaxy S5 that replaces Galaxy S4 in store shelves on 2014.

Rear View

The device has a rear-shooting camera positioned at the top left with the flash right below it. Dual-speakers are also placed at the back with display strip which primarily used for the music player - illuminating per beat as the music plays.

Front Area

Galaxy S5 design concept includes near zero bezel which maximises the display screen ultimately and for the best entertainment experience. As usual, the device features TouchWiz UI from Samsung and possibly running Android 4.4 KitKat OS.

The screen is made up of flexible materials which allow folding vertically to make it smaller - similar to the Apple iPod Nano. Hardware components automatically detect the folding action then instantly launch the music player. However, the flexible body may remain impossible by 2014 as research and development continues.

Camera Lens

Galaxy S5 will include 16MP camera with optical image stabilisation, optical zooming and exclusive camera features not found in Galaxy S4. Galaxy S5 may compete directly with Sony's Z1 smartphone featuring unique camera technology and SmartShot compatibility.

Samsung could use high-end camera technology such as Carl Zeiss or Nikon's to be incorporated on Galaxy S5 to create new camera trending in the Galaxy S line.

Premium Materials

As one of the expectation from the design concept is the use of metallic materials on Galaxy S5 which changes the image of the Galaxy S line plastic body. Galaxy Note 3 was rumoured to feature metallic components as a sign of level up from Galaxy Note 2.

If Samsung use premium materials to create Galaxy S5, it will surely be expensive just like what happened on HTC One. Other materials such as glass and Kevlar fibres which are found on Sony Xperia line and Motorola Droid devices have been known to deliver elegance and proofing may be used for the next-generation Galaxy S phone.

Galaxy S4 is neither full innovation nor complete failure in defining the Galaxy S line this year 2013, but the South Korean tech giant may consider pressure from the upcoming iPhone 5S to create a better and greater flagship Android smartphone on 2014 or maybe match with Tizen if lucky.

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( Updated: 2013-9-12 )
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