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The OLED Patent Newsletter: daily worldwide patent monitoring

OLED-Info, in collaboration with Global IP News, are offering a daily newsletter covering OLED patents news. The OLED patent Newsletter provides patent information from more than 85 countries and can be a valuable tool in tracking the OLED patent scene and protecting your company assets.

The OLED Patent newsletter at a glance:

  • A subscription-based news service (daily)
  • Provides patent applications, grants and expiration monitoring from over 85 countries (including the US, EU, China, Japan and Korea)
  • The best and easiest way to monitor global OLED patents!
  • A must-have tool for academic researchers and OLED companies!

About OLED-Info and Global IP News

  • OLED-Info was established in 2004 in Israel to provide services and resources for the OLED industry
  • OLED-Info is read by over 100,000 people each month and is considered the best OLED resource online
  • Global IP News is a privately held patent news agency headquartered in New Delhi, India
  • Global IP News has a team of over 20 editors that reads over 7000 patents daily from over 85 countries

The OLED Patent Newsletter, a unique service, provides the best and easiest way to monitor and track new OLED patents, worldwide. The OLED industry is still emerging and many companies are rushing to secure patents for production processes, new materials, new applications and new device designs. Some of these patents may prove to be essential for OLED companies and tracking new inventions and filing may prove crucial for your business!

Why do we think this is the best OLED patent newswire?

  • It covers 85 patent offices worldwide, including the US, EU, China, Japan, Taiwan and Korea)
  • It covers patent applications, grants and expirations
  • It is manually edited and classified
  • It is a daily service with no delays
  • It is brought to you by two trustworthy companies, leaders in their fields
  • We provide 2-week trial offer, so there's no risk in trying!
  • There is no comparable service available, anywhere!

( Updated: 2013-09-15 )
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