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AUO finally begins AMOLED mass production at their Singapore's AFPD fab

According to our sources, AUO finally started AMOLED mass production in their AFPD subsidiary in Singapore. AFPD has a Gen-4.5 LTPS fab that was converted for AMOLED production. The fab has a monthly capacity of 45,000 substrates but it's not clear whether all the lines were converted to AMOLED and how many OLED panels are currently produced there.

I'm not sure which panels are being produced there at the moment, but it's likely that AUO is producing the panels they have recently unveiled at trade shows - 4.4" 1900x600 (413 PPI) panel, 5" Full-HD (443 PPI) paneland their newest 5" HD720 AMOLED panels. Earlier reports suggested that HTC and Sony are waiting to integrate AUO's AMOLEDs in their mobile devices.

AUO developed both WRGB and direct-emission panels. The 4.4" panel uses WRGB while the 5" Full-HD panel probably uses direct-emission. It'll be interesting to see which technology will be finally adopted in the commercial panels.

Last month AUO's president said that the company indeed already produces AMOLED panels. He also remarked that large-size OLED panel will not challenge LCD panels in the next few years due to low yields and high costs. In fact, he said that OLED TVs may end up like SED and FED TVs which never really entered the market.

( Updated: 2013-10-17 )
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