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Did Haier and Seiki use Korean OLED panels without permission in their OLED prototypes shown last month?

Last month Haier and Seiki unveiled new OLED TV prototypes. Haier showed a 55" TV that is only 4 mm thick with a 1.5mm bezel and a built-in stand with a rather unique design. We do not have any information regarding Seiki's prototype, but it was probably 55" in size as well.

The two companies didn't reveal much details regarding their panels. Neither company has the capability to produce such a large AMOLED panel, so when I posted about those TVs, I speculated that they bought the panels from LG Display. Now there are reports from Korea that say that the Chinese companies actually obtained those panels without permission from Korean makers - they simply bought OLED TVs in the open market, took them apart and then reassembled the OLED panels themselves into their own designs.

The Korean reports further say that the build quality of the two prototypes on display at IFA was very poor, which gives credibility to their accusation. If anyone that visited IFA can comment on that it'll be great.

( Updated: 2013-10-18 )
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