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China's Skyworth to launch an OLED TV next week (panel supplied by LGD)

There are reports from China that Skyworth is set to release their first OLED TV next week (December 5). The company sent out invitations to reporters for the launch event:

According to one report, Skyworth will use LG Display's WRGB panels. The second report actually says Skyworth are releasing a "Samsung OLED TV", but they still say it is an WRGB panel so this may be just a mistake.

This second report also claims that Haier already released their first OLED TV in China. Perhaps they refer toHaier's 55' OLED TV prototype shown in IFA 2013 earlier this year. There were reports from Korea that say that Haier (and Seiki as well) actually obtained those panels without permission from Korean makers - they simply bought OLED TVs in the open market, took them apart and then reassembled the OLED panels themselves into their own designs.

( Updated: 2013-12-03 )
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