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OLED: the unimaginable becomes reality

OLED technology has several special benefits in comparison to previous light sources. OLED light offers completely new lighting possibilities which were previously unthinkable. With organic LEDs, a new age of light has begun.

OLED: the revolution of the luminous element

OLED luminaires offer good color quality and emit their full light power immediately after being switched on, without any warm-up phase. They are available in many light colors. OLEDs are also continuously dimmable and are thus ideally suited for any kind of ambient lighting. In contrast to traditional light sources, OLED panels are classed as cold lighting sources and do not become hot. Consequently they can be used directly on wood, for example for use in furniture. Bulky heatsinks are not needed. The OLED panels are glare-free area light sources which, when switched off, can either be transparent or have a mirror-like or milky appearance. When switched on, all three variants provide a high quality, warm white light.

Energy efficiency and environmental compatibility

The OLED technology which has yet to reach maturity has already overtaken lighting with traditional incandescent lamps and halogen lamps in terms of efficiency. The technology is developing rapidly and has the potential to draw level with fluorescent lamps with regard to energy efficiency and service life, or even to surpass them. Furthermore OLEDs are 100 % mercury-free and their light produces neither UV nor IR radiation.

Completely new application possibilities

OLED modules can be very thin and light. Future products based on OLED technology will even be moldable or flexible. Their unique aesthetics will permit completely new applications on walls and wall coverings, or in furniture and textiles. Thus the technology will primarily allow luminaire designers previously undreamed of creative freedom. The low weight of the OLEDs opens up a wide range of possible uses. The use in applications such as airplanes and cars, where every gram counts, is surely only the beginning. In the future it will not be possible to think of our lives without OLEDs as luminous surfaces, for example on school bags.

( Updated: 2014-3-9 )
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