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How does an OLED-TV work?

In order to produce OLEDs thin films of organic materials are placed between two conductors. When electricity is applied, a bright light is emitted. Unlike LCD OLED doesn’t need a backlight to emit light. Each independently working diode is a pixel. For this and more reasons OLED TVs have several advantages over LCD TVs:

  • The refresh rate is faster.
  • Contrast and color reproduction are better.
  • The panels are thinner and lighter: Some of the thinnest OLED TV panels do only weight 3,5 kg and are only 4mm thick, while some prototypes top that by being  merely 0,3 mm thick.
  • With almost 180 degrees the viewing angle is better.
  • OLEDs are easy on the environment for they draw less power and contain no toxic metals.
  • OLED panels offer more options for they could also be flexible and/ortransparent.

Arguments for an OLED TV

Exceptional OLED Picture Quality:
OLED TVs do not only produce colors that are natural and brighter but also allow wider viewing angles. Therefore the viewing experiences are enhanced dramatically. Because this display technology naturally refreshes up to a thousand times faster than LCD technology the frames are sharp and each detail pops! The OLED color gamut can exceed NTSC standards. Last but not least absolutely noteworthy are the viewing angle of almost 180 degree and an inherent contrast ratio that is bigger than 1.000.000:1.

Authentic colors:
OLED TVs have a color palette that is richer and more authentic than that of current LED TVs. The colors that OLEDs produce are simply vibrant and gorgeous.

Incredible contrast:
Especially during dark scenes the stunning contrast is delivering a truly cinematic experience.

Virtually blur-free:
Whether subtle motion or fast-paced action – any movement on the screen is virtually blur-free.

Thinner and lighter:

Right now you can by panels that are only 4mm thick at 3,5 kg, whereas some prototypes aren’t thicker than 0.3 mm.

Ecologically friendly:
The self-emitting OLEDs draw less power and work without toxic metals.

More possibilities:
Potentially, OLED TVs could be flexible and/or transparent in the near future.

( Updated: 2014-3-25 )
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