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Ipad, Iphone, iTv, iwatch with a OLED Display in the near future?

Apple is one of the greatest company in the world with many very new innovative products like the first smartphone (iphone) a great Tablet-Pc (iPad, iPad mini), ipod, and we think very soon Apple will introduce the iWatch.
Apple use only LCD Displays (Retina) for their products, but there are always rumors that Apple want to use AMOLED for their products soon. With OLED Apple can develop new kind of categories of products because OLED can be made very thin (flexible/bendable) because of no backlight. One of the problem is that at the small/medium sizes the market leader is Samsung Display, and we know that Apple and Samsung are not the best friends on the market. If we talk about the iWatch Apple can choose also LG-Display which can produce OLED on polymer substrat, and the korean company can produce enough pieces for the demand. LG Display has been selected to deliver the flexible Displays for Apples iWatch.
The display has a size from about 1.52/1.3 or 1.64 inch and they start to produce the panels in Q3 2014.
The display will have a 320×320 pixel resolution and is a flexible on a plastic substrate like the G-Flex.
LG-Display must produce 2 million panels per month for Apple. Korean industry insiders from LG says that Apple plans to introduce the iWatch in Q4 2014. Back in January 2013 the CEO Tim Cook said that the colors of OLED Displays are too saturated and the screen has not enough brightness, and Apple did not plan to use AMOLED Displays soon.
apple flexible oled display iwatch patent Apple to use OLED Displays soon?

Tim Cook:
“If you ever buy anything online and really want to know what he color is, as many people do, you should really think twice before you depend on the color from an OLED display”

We think that Apple must use in the future because only with OLED the displays can be made flexible, bendable, rollable, transparent. So only with AMOLED Apple can develop completely new categories of products!

flexible patent

Back in June 2012 Apple filed a new patent for new kind of technologies for a iPhone device with a flexible and transparent displays. With this new kind of display the company can produce a product with a new form factor with an alumina powder liquid metal process.The main goal is that the product has a “hollow display cover structure”.
Check out the graphic and you will see that the product is a long tube cylinder or other shapes with a wraparound transparent flexible display.
With this device you can choose some new applications a stock ticker, gaming, news etc.
flexible transparent oled apple Apple to use OLED Displays soon?
apple flexible around OLED smartphone Apple to use OLED Displays soon?

Apple OLED Patents

Apple filed a lot of patents in the last years, and we will see more and more patents with integrated OLED Displays.
This is a Display structure with integrated touch sensor configuration. One more patent is that the california company plans to integrate a touch actuated sensor configuration with an OLED structure.
Ther is also some new patent about this: Apple files OLED Display patent which has Integrated Thermal Sensors
apple oled patent Apple to use OLED Displays soon?integrating oled display touch sensor structure Apple to use OLED Displays soon?

Apple Magic Mouse patent with flexible OLED

Apple plans a magic mouse with an integrated flexible OLED Display, the display will showcase a calculator or some other application. The patent is from the year 2010 and we did not know if Apple plans to introduce that kind of product.
apple magic mouse oled Apple to use OLED Displays soon?

( Updated: 2014-04-23 )
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