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LG Display Leads Large LCD Panel Market in 1Q...DisplaySearch
SEOUL, KOREA - LG Display took the No. 1 position in the market for large LCD panels used for TVs, desktop computer monitors, and laptop computers during the first quarter. According to a report released by DisplaySearch, a market research firm, on May 8, the quarterly worldwide shipments of large-sized LCD panels in excess of 9.1 inches were 167.9 million units. This is up 2.3 percent from the same period last year (164.2 million units) but down 7.9 percent from the previous quarter (182.3 million).
Of these, LG Display accounted for 25.0 percent, or 41,908,000 units, ranking at the top. But its market share fell from the previous quarter's 28.8 percent. The company took the leading position in the large LCD panel market for 18 consecutive quarters since the fourth quarter of 2009.
Meanwhile, Samsung Display was ranked No. 2 with 35.6 million units (21.2%), followed by Taiwan's Innolux Display (18.2%) and AU Optronics (17.4%) with 30.5 million and 29.3 million units, respectively. Beijing BOE, China's largest display manufacturer, was ranked fifth at 11.4 million units (6.8%).
Even in terms of value, LG Display took the No. 1 position. Its first-quarter large panel sales revenue was $4,063.7 million (24.8%) while Samsung Display maintained its second place with $3,729.7 million (22.8%).
( Updated: 2014-05-13 )
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