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Panasonic plan to sell OLED business to Japan Display
Japan Display high resolution 4K2K LCD modules for tablets at SID-2014

Another bad news for the OLED market, Panasonic has decided to withdraw from the OLED business because the company cannot expect to raise profitability amid high production costs.
This is very similar to Sony and Samsung, both companies has decide to deley or stop their OLED-Tv business.

Panasonic and Sony stop their OLED-TV partnership in December 2013.
Panasonic plans to sale their OLED Display business to Japan Display, the deal can be ready in June 2014.Panasonic plans to focus on LCD-Television panels in Himeji, Hyogo plant in Japan.
Panasonic also withdrew from producing OLED panels earlier this year, but at the CES-2014 Panasonic showcase a 4K 55 inch OLEDs with are bendable in both ways CES-2014. To produce the panels Panasonic uses their own print inkjet technology.Panasonic printing method means that the organic materials are applied to the substrate through a printing technique to form an electroluminescent (EL) layer. This process is very simple so the goal is to reduce costs and material to produce cost competitive large/curved panels. The RGB all-printing technology, allows for the separate application of the red, green, and blue materials by means of printing, and has developed the equipment and process technologies to apply the materials uniformly to a large substrate.

Sony and Panasonic plans to enter OLED-Tv market with LG-Display panels

Japanese Sony and Panasonic television makers want to introduce their own OLED-television devices but now with their own developed/produced panels. Both companies plan to buy the OLED-TV panels from LG-Display. The goal is to improve the WRGB Panel picture quality with some new algorithms. At the end of 2013 Sony and Panasonic decided to stop their OLED-TV development in order to combine Panasonics printing organic material technology with Sony’s Super Top Emission technology.

By the way Sony want also sell most of its OLED business to Japan Display (Hitachi, Toshiba, Sony, Innovation Network of Japan).
Sony plans to explore the possibility of continuing research and development for the medical market!
Size: 55 Zoll
Resolution: 3840 (RGB)x2160 Pixel
Brightness: 500 cd/m²
Gray Factor: 10 bit
Colour: NTSC 100 %
Weight: 12.4 Kg

panasonic curved oled tv ces2014 Panasonic plan to sell OLED business to Japan Display4k bendable oled panasonic ces2014 Panasonic plan to sell OLED business to Japan Display
Thanks Verge for the pictures



Japan Display OLED production line ready!

Back in 2013 Japan Display invst20 billion yen to run a prototype line for OLED Displays in Ishikawa.
The company developed a 5.2 inch FULL HD OLED Display for the smartphone market. The new line can produce 4.000 sheets per month on a glass substrate 9.2 cm x 7.3 cm and is now ready to produce samples.Display technology White OLED

Diagonal size: 5.2-inch (13cm)
Resolution:1,080(H) x 1,920 (V) pixels
RGBW sub-pixel arrangement
Pixel density 423ppi
japan display full hd oled Panasonic plan to sell OLED business to Japan Display

Japan Display new products at SID-2014 Display Week

The japanese company showcase new kind of displays at SID2014, a high resolution 4K2K LCD modules for tablets, “WhiteMagic” this display has suggest low power consumption, reflective-type LCD modules, “Pixel Eyes” integrating the touch functionality into the interior of the display (in-cell)

Japan Display at SID-2014
Value of LTPS: Present and Future
High-Image-Quality Reflective Color LCD Using Novel RGBW Technology
High-Resolution Glassless 3D with Head-Tracking System
New Signal-Processing Method to Improve Image Quality of RGBW Display
Development of a Novel RGBW Mobile Display with a Local-Dimming Backlight System
Pixel Design of 5-inch Full-HD IPS-LCD Using Wall Electrodes
Photoalignment Technology for High-Performance IPS-LCDs: “IPS-NEO” Technology

Source Japan Display

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