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Passive Matrix LCD Exploits Black Nematic Technology
The C-55605GNFU-LW-AAN debuts as the first passive matrix LCD with advanced black nematic (ABN) technology, which enables higher contrast ratios (up to 1000:1) and wider viewing angles than conventional passive matrix displays, with true black levels, no performance shift over wide temperature ranges, and virtually no color shift. Since LCDs with ABN technology exhibit nearly no color shift, any backlight color works without compromising contrast ratio. The C-55605GNFU-LW-AAN sports a 20 x 2 character display with a brightness of 600 cd/m2, contrast ratio of 550:1, and employs a standard eight-bit parallel interface. Sample pricing is under $30. For more details, contact Jessica He at Optrex America Inc., Plymouth, MI. (734) 416-8500.
( Updated: 2014-06-04 )
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