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The useful of OLED display

OLED gadgets

There are several OLED gadgets, some of them are future visions, others are soon to be released. This page describes a handpicked selection of devices in detail.

OLED keyboard

A Russian company has showed a prototype of an OLED keyboard. The keys are displayed with OLED technology. Thus the whole keyboard is highly configurable. The position, appearance and function of the keys are switchable. In addition, the keyboard looks awesome because of its LEDs.

The keys can display icons as well as regular symbols. Its possible to associate keys with mathematical functions, HTML codes or other special characters. It is also possible to configure a gaming keyboard layout for first-person shooters, strategy games or other purposes. There are preconfigured layouts for Quake, Photoshop and other mainstream games and applications.

Windows that light-up at dark

It is true, this could be possible with OLED. This is because organic light emitting diodes can be transparent. A window could act as a normal window at day, but at night it can be used as a light resource. This vision can replace the boring old bulb in the middle of every room. It is getting even better: nearly every surface can become a lighting source. It does not matter if its curved or flat - OLED sheets are flexible and ultra-flat.

OLEDs can mimic a natural feeling of light in the dark. If turned off, they are transparent - an ideal precondition for windows. It is also imaginable that tables, cupboards or other furniture are used as a light source.

The problem is (as in general for OLED) the fast burnout of the blue component. Blue is one of the major colors needed to make white light. Physicist are working to resolve this problem.

OLED television

OLED TVs can not be bought yet, but OLED has high potential to make it in common tv screens in the future. Why? The answer is simple: Organic LED are ultra-flat, very bright and consume less power. OLEDs can even become cheaper to produce than traditional LCDs. Right now, the opposite is the case, but its theoretical possible.

At CES 2007 Sony, Samsung, LG and other companies showed some prototypes of OLED TVs. First production is expected in 2008 or 2009. A Sony spokesman said that OLEDs are the key technology in the future for every flat-panel TV over 40 inch.

( Updated: 2014-06-10 )
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