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BMW Wants To Put Super-Efficient OLED Tail Lights On Your Next Car?

It seems that the auto maker BMW is now interested in OLED lights too as the automobile giant has decided on introducing OLED lights in the next car.

In fact, as we can all see, the tail lights of most existing cars are not at all appealing and they leave a lot to be desired. You would often find that these lights are unnecessarily big, and look like power hungry and also need reflectors so that they can be visible from all the angles. It seems that these tail lights have really irritated BMW and it has made it frustrated. Hence BMW has started sharing a lot of information about theOLED lights that it is going to introduce in its new range of cars. 

What it is all about?

According to BMW the tail lights and some interior lights of the latest cars would have extra thin and uniformly lit strips of tail lights that would be easy to see without the use of reflectors and also would consume only a fraction of the power that is now consumed by the current lights used in the cars. Also these tail lights would make the cars look more exotic. BMW is planning to cut the OLED lights into 2D shapes and is planning to have flexible and 3D lights in the future too.

When will the lights be available?

According to the sources BMW is hoping that the OLED lights would be part of the production vehicles within the time span of three years.  However, in the beginning only few lights would be changed. Also the current OLEDs are not bright enough to be used as brake lights, indicators and headlights and hence they would be only complementing the laser and the LEDs for these sections. However, even with these limitations the power saving and space saving qualities of these lights are making them automatic choices for the vehicles made by BMW. Hence you can expect soon to have your new BMW with OLED tail lights which would make them even more stylish.

( Updated: 2014-06-21 )
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