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Will Verbatim’s New Innovations Be Able To Illuminate Houses And Buildings With OLED?

Verbatim has now decided to launch a new range of OLED light panels that would have use a wet coating method. These panels will be showcased in Frankfurt.

What is the technology and what is its benefit?

The company has claimed that the wet coating method would slash the costs of the OLED panels and hence there would be increase in the sales of OLED lights. The lights that would have such panels are from the Velve OLED range of lights created by Verbatim and these lights would increase the sales of the conventional LED products of the company. The panels would now utilize a white OLED technology along with unique wet coating process that Verbatim has developed along with its parent firm Mitsubishi Chemical and Pioneer.

With the help of the new production technique the company would be able to make high quality and large WOLED panels. The wet coating process will be used only as the foundation layer for the new Velve panels and the emissive and the top layers are deposited using the vacuum thermal evaporation. Cost cutting is the major benefit of such process as the company declared that the process had cut the production cost by about 90% in 2013. 

Also since its launch the color tunable Velve OLED panels have received rave reviews. The cost cutting benefit of WOLED lighting would also benefit the consumer goods market. The WOLED screens which are provided by some other companies are and will be dominating this decade and provide commercial booster for the production of such light panels for the light manufacturers.

What are the new lighting development packages of other companies?

Philips has also invested in OLED lighting packages for its Lumiblade brand and will also showcase its products in Frankfurt. The lights are new modular systems designed for installing in commercial building and other offices. The company has claimed that these lights would last for 50000 hours and give a brightness of 500 lumens. Philips is also claiming to provide the Lumiblade technology to space. It has said that such lights would be in the Flacon9 rocket that would go to International Space Station.

Will The Mass Production Of Plastic Substrate Flexible OLED Panels Change The World Of OLED?

When the company Konica Minolta Inc announced that the Kofu site plant will be used for mass production of plastic substrate flexible OLED lighting panels, all the experienced analysts said that it would change the world of OLED lighting. According to the analysts this production will bring down the cost of OLED lighting panels and henceforth the popularity of the OLED lights would increase manifold.

( Updated: 2014-06-24 )
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