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Will The Mass Production Of Plastic Substrate Flexible OLED Panels Change The World Of OLED?

When the company Konica Minolta Inc announced that the Kofu site plant will be used for mass production of plastic substrate flexible OLED lighting panels, all the experienced analysts said that it would change the world of OLED lighting. According to the analysts this production will bring down the cost of OLED lighting panels and henceforth the popularity of the OLED lights would increase manifold.

What is the reason of such research?

Konica Minolta carried on aggressive marketing activities and then came to the conclusion that if it provides light yet hard to break OLED lighting panels with plastic substrate technology then it would be able to provide not only good quality of light to the general consumers but also to its clients in architecture, electronic appliances and automobile sectors. This led to the construction of the plant and now the plant would continue to provide OLED lighting panels with both white color and color tunable functions.

What is the history of the development?

OLED lighting has been in spotlight for a long time as next generation lighting and are known for their features such as thin, and light weight. Also these lights are known for energy saving and of not providing with scalding surface and reducing the carbon footprints as these lights are mercury free. The lights are also mild to eyes and do not harm people as they are free of ultraviolet rays. 

For a long time Konica has been carrying on research and development in the field of OLED lighting so that the commercial use of the lighting increases. The company has also been vigorously doing marketing for the OLED products. Konica had been making OLED lighting panels using phosphorescent emitters in 2011. This was a venture which was first of its kind. 

Then in 2013, the company first displayed its thin and lightweight OLED lighting panels that are flexible, as well as the low resistance conductive film. Then in 2014, Konica came out with its research and development results and announced the introduction of OLED lighting panels which would be the first to provide color tunable function and would also be the thinnest among all the flexible OLED lighting panels.

( Updated: 2014-06-26 )
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