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Will LG Be Able To Dominate The OLED Market In 2014?

oled technologyIt seems that OLED technology is quickly becoming popular in the market and the market researchers are predicting that LG would be the leader in the OLED market in this year. OLED technology is believed to provide the best in visual images since it combines the best aspects of both plasma and LED. Also when it comes to 4K resolution then it can be easily said that in consumer television LG’s latest models are the best among all the models by all the companies.

Will it be possible to afford the OLED television?

However, there is disappointing news awaiting the fans of OLED television. This is because an insider from Samsung had declared that it is not possible that the price of OLED would come down before 3-4 years. This is not only the case with Samsung failing to provide us with affordable OLEDs. According to the latest study by the market research company IHS, for years to come OLED would remain a niche products. But then it is now seen to be not a very big problem for LG as it has been the only brand which is producing large volumes of OLED televisions.

What is the hope for the future?

It seems that now other brands are also trying to follow LG as is seen when the Chinese brands such as Haier, TCL and Changhong are stepping into the OLED market for the first time from 2014 and according to IHS’S recent study, the manufacturing problem would be gradually solved and the shipments would also increase. The study also predicts that by the end of 2015, about 700, 000 OLED televisions would be produced which would slowly rise to 5.1 million by the end of 2017. 

Hence it says that OLED would become affordable after 2018.  Also it is predicted that LG is going to accelerate the production of OLED television sooner. The recent study by the market researchers show LG as the only brand that can manufacture large OLED televisions as Samsung, Sony and Panasonic are still not very much into the market with OLED television. LG itself has said that it will start producing both smaller, flat screen full HD OLED televisions for mass market along with high end curved 4K OLED televisions.

( Updated: 2014-07-02 )
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